We strive to improve the patient’s quality of life

OUR Mission

We at CanPharma are committed to providing patients with optimal medical care. We make sure that patients in need have access to a great variety of pharmaceuticals. To achieve that, we are not only supplying pharmacies throughout Germany with high- quality medical cannabis, we focus, together with our international network of Research & Development partners, on the full investigation of the plant and its benefits.
We are also currently in the process of obtaining a cultivation license, to ensure that strains are grown, which adhere to our high requirements on the treatment. Furthermore, our goal is to educate patients, doctors and pharmacies on how to use medical cannabis in the most professional way.

OUR Expertise

Our profound expertise is reflected by our entire team of physicians, researchers and pharmaceutical experts. With our founding partners of the Kalapa Group, we have years of experience in treatments with medical cannabis and the required know-how for its professional use. CanPharma is licensed as a pharmaceutical wholesale company according to §52a of the German Medicines Act, as well as a licensed narcotic drug dealer within the meaning of §3 of the German narcotics legislation. Moreover, our quality assurance system is GDP-certified.


A core team that drives growth and success


CEO CanPharma

Dr. Henrik Sprengel

COO CanPharma

Stefan Jacker

CFO CanPharma

David Attwood

Sales & Strategy

Rainer Seiler

Marketing Director

Clemens Jacker

Regulatory Affairs

Holger Kilz

Quality Manager

Hans Jacker

R&D Director

Thomas Haffner

Business Development

Tim Meiboom

Key Account Management

Julia Lengfeld

Key Account Management

Sergej Rausch

Legal Counsel

Kurt Sprengel

Office Manager

Ulrike Rüter


Shlomo Booklin

Project Manager

Marcel Schade

Medical Affairs

Stephanie Jindra

Global Group Kalapa

Managing Director

Oscar Riera

Director Web & Online

Claudia Vidrio

Sales Director MyCBD

Susana Rosell

Director Laboratory

Antonio Sanchez Espinosa

Country Manager Italy

Mario Romano

Country Manager France

Thibault Ricciardi

Country Manager France

Pauline Sicsik

Country Manager UK

Claire Albarico

Country Manager Germany

Dominik Kleiner

Content Manager

Alica Ücdemir

Country Manager Spain

Francesca Ferreres



Dr. Holger Sprengel


Melanie Wilmes


Abdullah Karadeniz

Medical Advisor

Dr. Rüdiger Koenen


Our partners are key to fulfill our mission


We are a member of the Federal Association of the pharmaceutical industry e.V., which represents interests of the pharmaceutical industry. The association speaks for more than 260 companies with a total of more than 78,000 employees.

Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel belongs to the world’s leading manufacturers of vaporizers. They are the first and only manufacturer of certified medical devices for the inhalation of cannabinoids. The company has its head quarter in Tuttlingen, Germany and has been brining innovative vaporizer models to the market since 1996.


(Association for Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Innovative Ventures in Europe) is the first European trade association, which is linking companies, scientists, though leaders and in Investors in the field of cannabinoids and terpenes. The aim is to help to create an industry, which is safe to all users and professionals of cannabinoid-based products.


CanPharma is a Member of the The International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines. The goal of the association is to gain more knowledge on cannabis, cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system, and other topics regarding the therapeutic potential of the plant.


The Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis (OECM) was founded in October 2015 with the need to promote, coordinate and carry out activities and projects aimed to understand the properties and the medical uses of cannabis and its derivatives.

Furthermore we are involved in various R&D Projects, to improve the scientific knowledge regarding medical cannabis.

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CanPharma has a pharmaceutical wholesale permission according to §52a of the German Medicines Act, as well as a license to handle narcotics in the meaning of §3 of the German narcotics legislation. Furthermore, CanPharma has a GDP-certified quality assurance system.



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