Back pain and CBD cream: 2 case studies

May 27, 2020

It is estimated that approximately 60% to 80% of the population in Germany suffer from recurring or chronic back pain. In most cases, the main causes of the complaints are muscle tensions or hardenings, signs of wear and tear or slipped discs, which are caused by lack of movement and improper posture.

In the past, various studies have investigated the effectiveness of cannabinoid-containing drugs for chronic pain. In 2017, researchers presented an evaluation of 11 randomized controlled trials. This states that patients with chronic pain, in which conventional pain therapy no longer showed a positive effect, could benefit from therapy with selective cannabinoids such as nabilone, nabiximole and dronabinol.

In addition to the reduction in pain intensity under cannabinoid therapy, the quality of sleep also improved. As a result, patients reported an improvement in the general quality of life.

From the findings, the researchers concluded that therapy with cannabinoid-containing drugs could be considered if other pain therapies did not show sufficient outcomes.

Case studies with two patients

Doctors from the Portsmouth Anesthesia Associates in Virginia (USA) have presented case studies with two patients suffering from chronic back pain. One patient suffered a lumbar compression fracture and another patient complained of chest pain with dysesthesia due to a surgically resected meningioma.

To relieve the pain, the doctors administered CBD cream to both patients. This contained 400mg of CBD per 2oz , which is approximately 1.4% CBD.

The results show that regular application of the transdermal CBD cream led to significant pain relief in both patients.

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