Our plans to cultivate in the near future

By deciding to produce medical cannabis by ourselves, we can ensure that our flowers and extracts meet our high medical and therapeutic standards. With the granted cultivation permit issued by the Portuguese health authority INFARMED, as well as the forthcoming EU-GACP and EU-GMP certification, we will be able to deliver high quality cannabis products.

Our Story


Through our partner in Portugal, we are currently in the process of obtaining a license to grow, manufacture, process and export medical cannabis products. A cannabis plantage of 3.5 hectares is planned to be built in Montijo, Portugal. As we will grow in greenhouses, we can take full advantage of the high amount of sunlight in Portugal. Our complete facility will be EU-GACP and EU-GMP certified.


In response to the growing global demand for cannabis-based medicines, we decided to cultivate, manufacture, process and export medical cannabis. It was important to us that we can control the entire value chain, from the propagation of the strains to the delivery of the product to pharmacies, in order to make sure that our high quality and therapeutic requirements are being met. Under the Portuguese sun we found the perfect conditions to realize our vision.


We will be able to produce and process up to 23 tons of dried cannabis flowers annually to supply licensed wholesalers and research institutes. We expect our first batch of medicinal cannabis products to be available in the markets in the first quarter of 2021. We are looking forward to be one of the leading medical cannabis producers in Europe.

Our Cultivation Process

Fully EU-GMP and GACP certified

The sophisticated cultivation techniques that CanPharma Portugal is going to use will take place in a greenhouse to ensure a pharmaceutical product that is safe, consistent and of high quality.

Cuttings (Clones) are taken from the mother plant and moved into the propagation area for rooting. 5-8 days later the clones are rooted and young plants now. They will stay in the propagation area for additional 10 days under long day lighting. Afterwards the young plants are carried into the growing rooms. The plants are growing in these rooms for 8-9 weeks. At harvest, Staff will cut of the stem at the base of the plant. After that, the processing supervisor will inspect randoms plants to make sure they are free of pesticides and diseases and the processing team will start processing the plants, separating leaves, stems and flowers. The flowers are also trimmed before being placed on a drying trolley in the drying room. The drying process should take another 5 to 6 days. During the drying process, the flowers lose 70% -80% of their weight – which is an industry standard.
If the dry product is intended for extraction, then, at this stage, the product will be packaged and shipped to the extraction facility. If it is intended to have dried cannabis flowers, the flowers will be placed in large boxes for curing – this takes about 10 to 15 days. Once the cure is done, the product is weighed and placed in plastic bags, vacuum sealed. If our products pass the final quality tests, they will be stored and ready to be sold and shipped.

Quality Assurance

Fullfiling the highest quality standards

The layout of the premises, the equipment and the entire production process comply with the GMP and GACP guidelines. In addition, the quality control will be accompanied by a pharmaceutical quality management and a quality risk management, in order patients can rely on a product, which is of high quality.

Participation in R&D Projects

CanPharma Portugal is involved in several research and development projects with the goal of constantly improving the product portfolio and advancing research into the therapeutic use of cannabis.

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CanPharma has a pharmaceutical wholesale permission according to §52a of the German Medicines Act, as well as a license to handle narcotics in the meaning of §3 of the German narcotics legislation. Furthermore, CanPharma has a GDP-certified quality assurance system.



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