CBD in covid therapy

February 3, 2021

Klagenfurt Clinic is currently using the cannabis substance CBD for covid patients – with good results. The anti-inflammatory and immune-strengthening properties of the cannabinoid are particularly interesting here. A study is already in progress, which should provide well-founded findings.

Positive results with CBD in covid patients

As reported by ORF, intensive care physicians at the Klagenfurt Clinic in Austria are achieving positive results with cannabidiol (CBD) in covid therapy. CBD is a highly interesting substance, also in the treatment of covid patients, explains Prof. Rudolf Likar, who is head of the department of intensive care medicine at Klagenfurt Clinic. CBD works in many ways. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can positively influence the immune system. In Klagenfurt, certain patients received CBD over a period of three weeks. Initially in a dosage of 200 mg, which was then increased to 300 mg.

“We saw that the inflammation parameters in the blood decreased and that people left the hospital faster than the comparison group. CBD supports the immune system,” Prof. Likar told ORF.

A study on the use of CBD is currently underway at Klagenfurt Clinic. Prof. Likar is satisfied with the data and results so far. Therefore, he wants to use CBD “probably routinely, just because it has no side effects.” The medical doctor explains that his team has been researching cannabidiol for quite some time. “It’s an interesting substance and Israel is even in the process of approving CBD for covid therapy. So we are not the only ones working with it.“

Cannabidiol (CBD) – a valuable cannabinoid

THC and CBD are the two main active substances of the cannabis plant. A large number of studies on the use of cannabidiol are already available and science has been able to gain many important insights. Since 2013, PubMed, a US medical research database, has indexed more than 1,500 studies on cannabidiol. This is another reason why many researchers consider CBD to be one of the most important cannabinoids discovered so far.

Unlike THC, CBD does not produce a high. When CBD is used in combination with THC, cannabidiol reduces the psychoactive effects and side effects of THC. Experts who have studied the relationship between CBD and the immune system have already outlined the positive effect of CBD in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. In addition, there are studies that have investigated the effect of cannabidiol for the relief of chronic pain or for the treatment of epilepsy.

Other studies have shown that CBD can relieve pain and have a calming effect on people with cancer. Scientists have also found that cannabidiol can reduce cell growth in breast cancer.


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