Driving the future of Cannabis

Involved in various medical Cannabis projects

CanPharma has launched and is participating in various projects in the field of medical Cannabis. Globally, more and more countries are opening their healthcare systems to medical cannabis therapies, and also the acceptance among healthcare professionals for this topic is growing. With various projects along the entire value chain, we are driver of this change and ensure that Canpharma will contribute in shaping the future of cannabis.

Pharmaceuticals (myCBD- CBDinol )

KSK Labs is a producer of CBD-based products and is currently providing various CBD products under t’s brandname “myCBD” to several countries in Europe.

UNG Labs is a pharmaceutical company that provides under its product brand “CBDinol” innovative cannabis-based solutions to improve the welfare and quality of life of people around the world.

Kalapa Clinic

Kalapa Clinic was the first medical consultancy in Europe, specialized on treatments with cannabinoids. Doctors specialised in cannabinoid therapy offer comprehensive medical advice – for patients and for medical and pharmaceutical professionals.

Among others, the experts of the Kalapa Clinic consulted CanPharma regarding the development of a product-portfolio that meet the therapeutic requirements for an appropriate cannabis treatment


CanVets is leaded by a team of interdisciplinary veterinarians, specialized in therapies with CBD on animals. The service is offered to those, who want to give this natural alternative treatment to their pets.

Global Cannabis Trials

GCT is an independent platform that connects patients and researchers to conduct clinical trials with cannabinoids.

CBM Labs

Together with CBM Labs, we are focusing on the bio-synthetic production of cannabinoids. CBM Labs is based in the Netherlands and already filed in several patents in order to develop formulations based on cannabinoids. Furthermore, CanPharma will provide CBM Labs with cannabis-based pharmaceuticals for research purposes and CBM Labs will support CanPharma to improve the quality of its product varieties to ensure patient-oriented medicine.

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CanPharma has a pharmaceutical wholesale permission according to §52a of the German Medicines Act, as well as a license to handle narcotics in the meaning of §3 of the German narcotics legislation. Furthermore, CanPharma has a GDP-certified quality assurance system.



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