Medical Cannabis Network reports about CanPharma

April 8, 2020

The magazine “Medical Cannabis Network” from Health Europa is one of the best-known sources of information on medical cannabis in Europe. An article published in the current issue now reports on the history of CanPharma’s origins, goals and visions and an exclusive interview with COO and co-founder Stefan Jacker.

CanPharma was one of the first European companies to focus on medical cannabis. The patient is always in the foreground. As wholesaler/distributor CanPharma imports medical cannabis and delivers it to pharmacies all over Germany to supply patients with cannabis of pharmaceutical quality.

“We see ourselves as a vertically integrated, data-driven pharmaceutical company for medical cannabis and have one goal: to bridge the gap between plant and patient. CanPharma wants to offer its patients a therapy tailored to their individual needs – this is also our top priority in the development of our product portfolio,” says Dr. Henrik Sprengel, CEO and co-founder of CanPharma.

Due to the constantly increasing demand, it was then a logical consequence for CanPharma to push ahead with research and bring its own products to market. With the help of its subsidiary KSK Labs, CanPharma therefore researches and develops prescription cannabis-based drugs that meet the highest quality standards.

Another central branch of the company’s strategy is to introduce new brands and additional product lines in the wellness sector together with KSK Labs, in addition to the existing brands myCBD and CBDinol.

Future projects of CanPharma

CanPharma’s future projects will focus on three important aspects, namely the education and training of physicians, further research on the cannabis plant and its spectrum of effects, and the expansion of the network with physicians and researchers.

Kalapa-Clinic plans to expand its telemedical services

In addition, the Kalapa Clinic in Barcelona, an independent part of the CanPharma group, also receives attention in the article. The Kalapa Clinic was founded in 2015 with a team operating throughout Europe. This team consists of medical specialists and cannabis researchers. The focus is on the consultation and support of cannabis patients and doctors via Skype or on site in Barcelona in six languages. In the course of this year the Kalapa-Clinic plans to expand their telemedical services.

The full article including the interview with Stefan Jacker can be found here.


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CanPharma has a pharmaceutical wholesale permission according to §52a of the German Medicines Act, as well as a license to handle narcotics in the meaning of §3 of the German narcotics legislation. Furthermore, CanPharma has a GDP-certified quality assurance system.



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