Study: Use of CBD in COVID-19 treatment

May 13, 2020

Various studies have already shown that cannabidiol (CBD) can have anti-inflammatory properties. According to a media report, researchers from Tel Aviv University are now conducting several clinical studies to investigate the use of CBD in the respiratory disease, COVID-19.

As COVID-19 affects the respiratory system, researchers will administer CBD-enriched exosomes to affected patients through an inhaler. Previous studies have already shown that CBD can possibly help to regulate the immune system and inhibit inflammation. The researchers assume that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD could repair the damaged cells through a synergistic effect. 

Another clinical trial is being conducted in COVID-19 patients currently being treated at Rabin Medical Center in Israel. Here, the researchers will combine inhalable steroids with CBD, as CBD may be able to improve the effect of the steroids. 

In addition, it will be investigated whether cannabis, with all its cannabinoids, might possibly be able to slow down or stop COVID-19. 


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