Introducing: CanPharma 2.0

September 28, 2023

Fulfilling the potential of a rapidly growing medical cannabis industry

With new investment partners CanPharma is back in business and perfectly positioned to assist German pharmacy retailers to fulfill the exciting potential of a growing medical cannabis industry. Here’s a few reasons why you can rely on us to support your business growth.

Purpose Built Management Team

To compliment our team of industry veterans we have bought on additional financial management and procurement specialists in order to best plan and fulfill on what we expect to be a rapidly growing market.

Reliable New Supply Partners

In preparation of increased demand we have secured new suppliers with a proven track record of consitency & high volume delivery. We are confident of our ability to deliver on your highest expectations.

World Class Genetics

CanPharma has secured European licenses for world renowned cannabis strains with the intent on supplying the highest quality cannabis products to the German market. As the market becomes more competitive we are well positioned to help you lead.

Transforming Lives

Contact your CanPharma Sales representative for details of product availability and additional services afforded to our pharmacy partners.



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