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Highest Quality

Continuous quality controls guarantee a first-class and standardised quality of our products. Our suppliers pursue the highest cultivation standards under GMP and GACP conditions and consistent guidelines are followed during the release and dispatch of the goods.

Focus on patients

Patient well-being is the focus of all our actions. Through our wide range of pharmaceutical cannabis varieties we ensure that the individual requirements of each therapy are met. At the same time, patients can rely on the consistently high quality of our medicinal products.

Information for professionals

Our team of experts will be glad to provide you with detailed information about our products: Phone: +49 30 3980 082 00. You can also register for our professional login area to receive specific information.

The products we distribute are made from the dried flower of the cannabis plant. Since cannabis can be found in Annex III of the Narcotics Law, we are not permitted to provide further information and advice on our products in accordance with § 10 of the Therapeutic Products Law. Hence, specialist information on our products can only be provided to qualified personnel such as doctors or pharmacists.

Medical and pharmaceutical professionals please contact our experts at +49 30 3980 082 00 or register in our professional area.

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