COVID-19: CBD can reduce inflammation

August 19, 2020

In May of this year, we already reported on studies investigating the effect of cannabidiol (CBD) on the lung disease COVID-19. Israeli researchers are planning to conduct clinical trials on patients to find out to what extent CBD is able to regulate the immune system and inhibit inflammation. Besides the effect of CBD on COVID-19, the researchers also want to investigate the therapeutic potential of cannabis with all its cannabinoids.
The results of a study conducted at Augusta University of Georgia in the USA have now been published.

Most corona infections are mild. However, patients who become seriously ill with COVID-19 are dependent on intensive medical care and in the worst case may even need to be ventilated because an inflammatory reaction develops in the lungs. The lungs are then literally flooded with inflammation-promoting messenger substances, so that doctors speak of a “cytokine storm”. According to the current study, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD seems to help against this.

Results of the study

In some patients COVID-19 causes an excessive production of pro-inflammatory substances such as the interleukins IL-6 and IL1ß. Due to the inflammation, the function of the lungs is severely impaired. It is hardly able to absorb oxygen from the blood and release carbon dioxide into the blood. As a result, the lung tissue is damaged and the patient must be ventilated.

The researchers found in animal experiments that CBD was able to reduce the incidence of infection and lower body temperature. At the same time, the lungs regenerated faster. CBD was also able to improve the oxygen supply.

Clinical studies are necessary

Although the results of the study are promising, clinical trials are lacking. Especially, to find out how treatment with CBD in patients could look like. The researchers also state that the coronavirus can attack other organs. Therefore, further studies are needed to investigate the effect of CBD on other organs that are damaged by the virus, such as the heart, brain and intestines.


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