CBD alleviates arthritic joint pain

September 20, 2022

The most common symptoms of arthritis include pain during daily movements and swelling of the joints. A study by U.S. researchers encourages sufferers: taking CBD appears to have positive effects on pain and physical functioning. In addition, an improvement in sleep quality was observed during therapy with medical cannabis. 

As part of the study, 428 patients suffering from joint pain were anonymously interviewed about the efficacy of CBD. Participants were recruited via social media and activities of the US patient associations “Arthritis Foundation” and “Savvy Cooperative”. The results are promising: CBD therapy is associated with improvements in pain (83 percent), physical functioning (66 percent) and sleep quality (66 percent). Especially those patients who had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis benefited from pain reduction through pharmaceutical cannabis.   

The majority of respondents also reported that their use of other pain medications had decreased or even stopped altogether as a result of taking CBD. 

The authors of the study advocate greater openness to alternative treatment options for inflammatory joint conditions such as arthritis – for example CBD therapy. In addition, further clinical studies are needed to explore the efficacy of cannabinoids in pain management for these conditions.   


Frane, N., Stapleton, E., Iturriaga, C., Ganz, M., Rasquinha, V., & Duarte, R. (2022). Cannabidiol as a treatment for arthritis and joint pain: an exploratory cross-sectional study. Journal of Cannabis Research, 4(1).


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